Wednesday, September 22, 2010

To be an upperclassman...

I've been a bad, bad blogger :(. I'm a bit behind on a couple of NOTDs and I just came back with a haul today, so there'll be more posts about them shortly!

So, how to become a part of the upper class? First ladies, you need to be sporting Color Club's High Society. Ok, kidding aside, this polish is such a delight to apply and an even greater delight to wear. I just can't believe I didn't wear this any sooner!
High society

This is two coats with topcoat, although I admit it could have done with a third coat. Under certain lighting and angles there was slight VNL. And a ridge-filler basecoat may have been a good idea too. However, I was absolutely in love with this polish. It is a lovely mushroom taupe crème which I don't own so far, so I am quite a bit besotted with it, lol. If it weren't for the ugly ridges apparent, I may have worn it longer.

Thanks for dropping by!


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