Monday, December 29, 2014

Christmas nails 2014

Hello everyone.

Here is my belated post sharing what I wore for Christmas this year. In fact, I was in the mood for some detailed freehand nail art (detailed in my terms, of course!) so I went with painting on a nativity scene!

I found Jacki from Adventures in Acetone's gorgeous creation and just had to try it myself. I would have loved to have added some camels and wise men, but this alone took me over an hour for one hand...oops. Should have planned my time better since I needed to sleep! ;)

christmas nativity

I created a gradient with OPI Incognito in Sausalito and OPI Keeping Suzi at bay. I then added a coat of Glitter Gal Galaxy holo top coat for the sparkle. The nail art was done using acrylic paint.

christmas nativity

christmas nativity

I'm quite proud of how this turned out despite the wobbly freehand! How did you pass your Christmas day and what did you wear on your nails?

Thanks for reading!


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