Sunday, August 17, 2014

Ulta3: Celebrating 100 shades

Hi everyone~ New nail shape alert! :) I decided to give the oval look but I'm not sure if I love it too much.

Anyway, here are my thoughts on Ulta3's 10 new additions to their current nail polish range - making it a total of 100 shades available now! All of my swatches show two coats.

Cloud nine is a nice and light neutral. I know I'll be using this often as a base for nail art.

cloud nine1

cloud nine2

Untold secret is a pink-tinged neutral which surprisingly looks good against my skin tone. Yay, another wearable pink added to my list! :)

untold secret1

untold secret2

Wild heart - is it a purple-y brown or a brown-y purple? I'm not sure of how to describe it. A nice shade fit for the cooler months though.

wild heart1

wild heart2

It's a bit grey is a dark grey. Another nice shade for the cooler months here in Australia right now!

it's a bit grey1

it's a bit grey2

Hearts desire, what a nice change to the darker shades! I love this brighter raspberry shade :)

hearts desire1

hearts desire2

Moody blues, how what a beautiful blue you are! I love these shades of blues and can never get enough of them, so expect to see this lots on the blog ;)

moody blues1

moody blues2

Pop art is definitely one of my favourite shades of the collection. It's actually not too colour accurate here, picture a brighter pink instead.

pop art1

pop art2

Rising sun is a nice dusty red shade which suits the cool weather. It's not too in your face, so  nice start for those venturing out into the red nail shades.

rising sun1

rising sun2

On the green has shot up my favourite green list and become number one! A lovely toned down mint look, I love that it doesn't make my fingers look red too.

on the green1

on the green2

Purple primrose is the only shimmer in the collection. I'm not a huge fan of red-toned purples, so I feel a little meh towards this one.

purple primrose1

purple primrose2

All in all though, a nice round up of 10 new Ulta3 shades to add to the collection! I know I'll be making use of the many crèmes in future nail art.

What do you think of the shades?

Thanks for reading.


  1. Jo at Polished LiteracyAugust 18, 2014 at 2:18 AM

    Some beautiful colors! What are your thoughts on the formulas?

  2. Hi Jo, I found the formula to be nice and easy across the board. Hope that helps :)


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