Monday, April 29, 2013

Blue and gold skittles

Hello everyone :) I was in the mood for another blue skittle but wanted to add an accent to it so I went with a blue and gold skittle. And a touch of holographic polish too :P

Pinky & index: Two coats of OPI OPI...Eurso Euro. I then layered two coats of Australis Speck-tacular over it.
Ring: Two coats of A-England Tristam. And of course, there was no sun when I wore this :(
Middle: Three coats of Hello Kitty Golden girl.
Thumb: Two coats of OPI...Eurso Euro. Stamped with BM-311 and Golden girl.

Natural light:

blue & gold skittle

Artificial light:

blue & gold skittle

blue & gold skittle

Do you find that you get cloudy skies whenever you pull out a holographic polish to wear? Or does it only happen to me? :P

Thanks for reading!


  1. MIN MissIntensityNailsApril 30, 2013 at 12:06 PM

    I look at the weather forecast when I feel the itch to wear holographic polish, so that I can see all its glory in the sun. Is that even more weird? That I want to know the weather for the sake of my nails?

  2. No way! Sunny weather always calls for holos :D I'm just unlucky with the weather because whenever I feel like wearing holos, it's cloudy.


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