Thursday, December 22, 2011

Swatches and review: OPI Holland collection for spring/summer 2012

Hi ladies :) I thought it'd be helpful just to have a round up of the polishes I've been showing the past few days of OPI's Holland collection before moving on (to a mini holiday themed series :P). This will also have a more in-depth review overall of the application, formula and drying time of all the polishes. I hope you enjoy this and find it helpful!

All the polishes I received in this collection have spot on formulas - a couple were a little thicker than normal, but still super to work with. I had absolutely no troubles when applying, helped of course with the prowide brush that is OPI's :). They're all really opaque too! In terms of drying time, all polishes were relatively quick. I was able to paint all five nails and go back for the second coat with no dragging issues. I can't comment much on the staying power of the polishes as I mostly swatched them, with the exception of two. I'll talk about that more in the individual reviews below :)

OPI Holland Collection for spring/summer 2012

First up is Thanks a windmillion. This was one opaque polish - in the swatches below is only one coat! A second coat would have definitely helped with levelling out the polish on the nails though. I was surprised at how easily the polishes glided onto my nails as thicker polishes generally mean a harder application - no troubles from this little fella at all!

This shade does remind me of Mermaid's tears and I know some have been thinking the same. I don't own the other polish and can only say from seeing swatches of Mermaid's tears and a comparison of the two made by Fashion Polish that Thanks a windmillion is dustier whilst Mermaid's tears is greener and a touch brighter.

thanks a windmillion1

thanks a windmillion2

Did you 'ear about Van Gogh? is a gorgeous neutral crème. I don't own many neutrals so this one is definitely a winner in my book. Once again, the formula was a little thicker than normal but it didn't present a problem at all. Funny how these thicker formulas still apply so well! This was one of the two polishes I actually wore for a couple of days and stayed on perfectly during that time. Two coats. No chips and no tip wear :).

did you 'ear about van gogh1

Wooden shoe like to know? is one of the polishes in this collection which has a beautiful golden shimmer in it. I think the shimmer makes the red tinged brown shade looks so much more interesting! Mmmm, now I feel like chocolate... :D Shown is two coats.

wooden shoe like to know1

wooden shoe like to know3

Dutcha just love OPI? is a lovely red based purple. I normally shy away from these purple tones as I don't like red :P The gold shimmer in this shade called to me though and I knew it would be a perfect match with my summer dress :) I applied two flawless coats for this swatch and was quite unwilling to take it off! I must wear this as a full manicure in the near future.

Dutch ya just love OPI2

Dutch ya just love OPI1

I don't give a rotterdam is the first of two glass-flecked finishes from this collection. I love me some glass-flecked finishes and knew I needed both, despite their similar looking shades! Below is three coats of I don't give a rotterdam. I applied three as I still had some patchiness after the second coat. I'm sure with careful application you can stop at two.

This was also the second of the two polishes I actually wore and can comment on the wear :P was magnificent! Not chips or tip wear after three days...and I did quite a lot of washing in that time too!

I don't give a rotterdam3

I don't give a rotterdam4

I have a herring problem. The second glass-flecked finish polish. Looks pretty identical with I don't give a rotterdam, doesn't it? The differences really stand out when you see them side by side though :)

I applied two coats of I have a herring problem. A beautiful, dusty green-blue shade. LOVE!

I have a herring problem1

I have a herring problem3

And as promised, here is a comparison of I don't give a rotterdam with I have a herring problem.



Both polishes have the same finish and dusty look but the shade varies in that I don't give a rotterdam is a dusty looking blue whereas I have a herring problem has a greener tinge to it.

Now, do we really need both? I'd say YESYESYESSSSS! They're both gorgeous in their own way and really, I'd be hard pressed to choose only one of the two :P

Thanks for reading!

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  1. very pretty collection these are going to be hard to resiest!

  2. this collection looks gorgeous!

  3. im am absolutely in love with all the shades, esp the brown and the tan one ^^ omgg... you make me want them so much now! 

  4. It's gorgeoussssssss! ♥ Awesome choice :)

  5. They sure are! I was super excited for this collection and am so glad it didn't let me down :)

  6. That could be a slight understatement haha! It's so perfect, a little something for everyone :)

  7. Haha, thanks Jennifer! I hope it's not too hard on your wallet lol, but they're just that awesome <3

  8. The last two are amazing but for me so similar that I don't need both 

  9. Ahhh, if I could choose between the two, I wouldn't need both too :P


  11. LOL! This is definitely one gorgeous collection, I'm not surprised you want the whole thing!

  12. Ahhh I'm only limiting myself to 10 polishes for 2012, but this collection looks too amazing to pass up!

  13. OH LOL! Hmmm, that might be hard to keep then :P So many of the polishes look amazing in this collection, and not to mention the ones which are coming out later in the year!


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