Friday, December 23, 2011

Mini holiday series: T-minus 2 days

Hello hello~Phew, I can finally get started on a small holidays series of manicures :) I'm not one who usually wears manis according to the season or holiday but I thought I'd try it out this time since I was out of ideas anyway :P Here's a skittle mani I came up with to join in with the festivities!

christmas mani1

Index & fifth nails: I applied two coats of China Glaze Emerald sparkle
Fourth nail: I applied three coats of China Glaze Ring in the red
Middle nail: there is two coats of Face of Australia Titanium and then layered on a coat of Sally Hansen Nail Prisms Diamond. Unfortunately, the holographic effect wasn't too apparent as I had no sun in the time I wore this mani! :(
Thumb: I applied two coats of Maybelline Dark chocolate and then layered two coats of OPI Rainbow connection over it.

christmas mani2

I think this is about as festive as I'll get haha. What do you think of this Christmas coloured mani? :)

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. The last three look like a Mexican flag lol... very cute

  2. This looks festive! I like Christmas coloured manis.

  3. LOL. My bf said it looked like the Italian flag... :P

  4. I do too ^^ They're so easy to create too, haha!


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