Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Swatches and review: I don't give a rotterdam

Hey everyone~When I first laid eyes on OPI's Holland collection, I knew I had to own I don't give a rotterdam. I mean, how can anyone resist the awesome glassflecked look in this polish? It's also a gorgeous dusty shade of blue and since my love for blue has grown, I just need all possible shades of it :P

Shown in the photos are three coats of the lovely polish. I would have left it at two, but there were still some patches on some nails. You can definitely stop at two coats if you're more careful when applying!

I don't give a rotterdam1

I don't give a rotterdam2

I don't give a rotterdam3

I don't give a rotterdam4

What do you think, can you live without this polish? I sure can't! :P Have a look at my blog sale too, hehe.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. That's a really beautiful colour! Good for those who like muted colours with a bit of shimmer to stand out. And the name is so cheeky. XD

  2. Wow really pretty! Definitely a must have!!  

  3. Ohhh I love this! Cannot wait to get my hands on this collection!

  4. Love it! I want it!

  5. I love how we all *need* nail polish :D

  6. It is, isn't it? :P I love all these dusty shades with some sort of shimmer in them, it really makes them more interesting!

  7. Must haveeeeeeeeee? Glad you agree! :D

  8. Haha, this collection is so much win. I haven't loved one so much in almost a year :O

  9. Hahaha! Run, don't walk to buy this :P

  10. what a gorgeous colour, really(:

    BTW I tagged you in my Top 10 Awards!


  11. Thanks for the tag Nat! I've been tagged for that award, but I'll be sure to add you in the post :) I'd totally do the different version you got except I'm not make-up genius and don't own many besides nail polish lol... :P

  12. Gorgeous nails, complemented by such a great shade!

    Just wondering though, is this shade anything like that gray-blue from  Orly's  Prince Charming Collection?


  13. Awww, thanks so much for the compliment ^^ I actually don't own the Orly (it's very pretty though!) but from looking up swatch photos, the two polishes to look quite similar - if a little bluer than the OPI. I can't be too sure though since I don't have both in front of me to compare.


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