Friday, June 24, 2011

Weekly Nail Blog Round Up

Hello~ :) If everything goes well, I will have a new table by my next post, yay! Can you believe my current study table is from waay back when I was a kid? I think I've had this for at least 10 years...time to upgrade to a bigger and better one :P But enough of my ramblings, here's this week's nail blog round up!
I had everything looking rosy

Dawn showed off her talent for water marbling

Theresa shows us her Gelish Silver Fade

Grace enjoyed some Strawberries & Cream

Claire impressed us with her magnetic nail varnish

Sarah has something fishy going on!

Lady Luck is getting ready for summer

Trisha is trend setting with ombre nails

Ahhh, so many summery manicures :) Kinda makes me wish it were warmer over here...



  1. Thanks for this! Saw some things I missed and need to go check out.

  2. OMG my study desk is also over 10 years old! Nearly 15 years old I think. I hardly ever use it anymore, I study at the dinner table or coffee table xD 

    YAY for new furniture!

  3. Can't help but adore your water nails Sharon, they're quite pretty!

  4. Post a pick of your new table once you get it! :D Yay for the upgrade!

  5. No problem! Glad you enjoy this ^^

  6. Lol, Mine is waaaay old too :P I love studying in my room though, that's why I need a larger and better table!

  7. Awww, thanks! That's such a sweet comment, made my day ♥

  8. Haha thanks, I definitely will! ^^


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