Friday, February 11, 2011

Spacey nails~!

Hello~ :) I was feeling quite space inspired today and thought I'd try my hand at a spacey manicure. I've actually attempted this once before but it turned out terrible so I never posted it on my blog :P. I quite like the outcome this time though!

First two photos are taken indoors under natural light, the following two taken under the sun. (Please ignore my horrible clean up, I was getting lazy after all the sponging and the camera makes everything look ten times worse than real life anyway :P)

I have never used to many bottles of nail polish in a single mani before, haha. I started off with Ulta3 black satin for the base colour. Space design sponged with:

Sally Hansen Nail Prisms Diamond and Ruby diamond
China Glaze IDK and 2Nite
Ulta3 antique copper
OPI Princesses rule

I topped off the design with L.A. Colors Star light and sealed it all with a top coat.

Whew, what a number of polishes! :P This is happens to be my 100th post and I can't believe I've stuck around this long to blogging! Thank you so much to everyone who finds interests in my manicures ;).

Thanks for dropping by~


  1. Far Out! Haha but it really is a cute mani and I do get the space vibe.

  2. Thanks che! I actually didn't like it at first, thought it wasn't 'spacey' enough, but after staring at it for some time it began to grow on me. And was the 'far out' meant to be a pun or am I just really lame? XD

  3. These came out very cool! :) I love space nails!

  4. I seriously love this (saw it on Soompi and had to come to your blog to see more) ;)


  5. alison*elle: Awww, thanks ^^. I'm glad you like it!

  6. I love it! The holos look really cosmic and the Star Girl really finishes it nicely.


  7. alison*elle: Awww, thanks ^^. I'm glad you like it!

  8. wow amazing!!! I love the colours :) I attempted my own galaxy nails today ( but they were no where near as cool as yours! 


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