Saturday, February 12, 2011

Tag~a little bit about me :)

I was tagged by Freshie from Polish Freshie awhile ago and have finally gotten around to posting this, haha. I'm bad with my tags, I know :(.

1. When and how did you start your love for polish?

My nail polish obsession started around the beginning of last year while I was on a quest to find a black polish! I was really into black polish back then because I thought it was so chic and really wanted to be an owner of one :P. Well, I found it in SaSa while I was on my holiday in Hong Kong! (It's the Arezia polish in this mani) I then stumbled across nail blogs and as the saying goes, the rest is history :D.

2. If you could choose to do anything in the world, what would it be? (Eg. Ski in the Swiss alps, fly in a fighter jet, create a unicorn etc.)

Visit Korea and meet my Korean idol singers! My current addiction is SHINee hehe, it's been them since their appearance in the Australia-Korea Friendship Concert in mid-January. Oh, and I'd love to meet Beast and SuJu too <3.

3. What's your favorite love story?

I love, love, LOVE A Walk to Remember by Nicholas Sparks :). It's really touching and sweet - and this reminds me, I need to go read it again haha!

As for my fellow Korean entertainment lovers, I'm soooo in love with Secret Garden :D. I'm sad it's over, but Gil Ra Im and Park Joo Won will continue to live on in my heart ♥.

Here are the rules:
Choose 3 - 5 Blogs you would like to tag and link them too. Leave them a comment on their blog that you've linked them.

Important: This award is for unknown blogs, so don't tag some 3000-Reader-Blogs! :)

The blogs I would like to tag are:

Rachel's Nails
Silence is Loud
Nails by Rachel
Asa Nisi Masa Nail Spot



  1. Thank you for the tag!!! i started out my nail polish obsession with black nail polish too. =D

  2. thanks for the tag! I love korean music but sadly I havent watch their dramas in a while >_< I need to get back into that!

  3. Silence is Loud: Ooh, yay! Funny how a quest for black polish turned out to be something greater haha.

    Samantha: Woohoo, another Kpop lover <3. Watch Secret Garden! At the very least you have to watch it :P

  4. Thank you for the tag!!! i started out my nail polish obsession with black nail polish too. =D


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