Friday, November 12, 2010

Nail art #19 - Lights go on again

It's really been awhile since I've done some nail art - I blame this mostly on hectic Uni business, but I've also be really, really uninspired. However, the Korean boy band B2ST recently released a music video called 'Lights go on again' and I absolutely adore the smartly dressed suit concept ♥. Of course I had to do a mani on that, hehe.
lights go on again
I started off with three coats of Ulta3's Lily white as the base for my thumb, third and fourth fingers. I then used Maybelline NY's Electric blue for the heart and outlined it with Ulta3's Snazzle. For the suit jackets and bowties I used Ulta3's Black satin and Snazzle for the buttons. On my index and pinky I applied two coats of an Arezia polish which is nameless. It's a black base saturated with yellow glitter particles. I bought this polish in Hong Kong earlier this year and is also the cause of my infatuation with nail polish :P.

The Arezia polish represents the lights and obviously the suits are straight from their concept. Midnight blue happens to be their balloon colour, hence the blue heart <3.

The image which inspired my nails (screen shot of the mv which you can watch here)~
And a macro shot of the Arezia polish

Thanks for dropping by~


  1. I love what you did on your ring finger, the way you tilted the heart towards the edge of the nail. :)

  2. rins: Thank you! I thought it'd be a nice twist to the standard heart at the centre of the nail ^^.

    Joice: Thanks! <3

  3. very creative design - like this! :)


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