Thursday, November 6, 2014

Swatches & review: Sally Hansen Miracle Gel in Street Flair

Hello everyone :)

So Sally Hansen's Miracle Gel may be old news now, but here are my thoughts on Street flair anyway. A few months back, the Miracle Gel line was launched in Australia, with the selling point being the ease of removing normal nail polish, but the lasting power of gel nail polish. I have a three part post featuring some looks using a few of the nail polishes, so stay turned for my review of its lasting power!

Today's post  features a simple nail of the day look using Street flair, a dusty purple shade. It's not only purple, but also my favourite shade of purple, so it was only right for me to try this polish on first ;)

I applied two coats and then sealed it with the gel top coat (also part of the Miracle Gel range), which dries and hardens under natural UV light.

street flair

street flair

I have to admit, I wasn't used to the slower* drying time, but that may be because it was my first time using the gel top coat. I'd say the manicure was completely dry in 15-20 minutes. Maybe I should have had brighter lighting instead of sitting in the dim lighting and watching a movie!

For a first time user though, it was pretty simple and straightforward. Stay tuned for the next couple of posts!

Thanks for reading.

*by slower, I am comparing it to quick dry top coats such as Dazzle Dry Quick Dry Top Coat and Cult Nails Wicked Fast.

Product provided for consideration.


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