Monday, July 30, 2012

piCture pOlish Blog Fest 2012

Hellooooo! I'm super excited to post this - I've joined the piCture pOlish's Blog Fest 2012 this year! :D Depending on where you live, you should start seeing other bloggers post about piCture pOlish throughout July 30th. I have two exciting new shades to show you all today, get ready to be BLOWN AWAY cos they're mighty amazing ♥

Check out the awesome bottles! These are my first piCture pOlish and I'm soooooo in love with the flat rectangular bottle shape. Plus these shades have the company's QR labels on it so just scan it with your phone and you will be taken to the piCture pOlish website or its Network website (depending on place of purchase).

First up is Dorothy, part of the Mesh line and is now available on the  piCture pOlish website. This is a beautiful red based polish filled with silver glitter. I love how lively the glitter looks when paired with the red base! Super opaque and brilliant application - it simply flowed onto my nails and yep, there's no clean up in my photos. Which show two coats of Dorothy, by the way.

The silver glitter comes out more in the sun, check it out!

A more colour accurate photo of the red below.

Blurry photo to show the depth of this polish - LOVE! ♥

Next is Demeter, a brown polish with holographic glitter particles. This polish is part of the Collaboration collection and created by the Girls at piCture pOlish and Katie from Harlow & Co. It is sold exclusively on both websites!

I was confused at first as to whether it was glitter or holographic particles in the polish. Because it was so smooth though, I gathered it was large holographic particles swimming in the brown base. Again, two flawless coats. I love the piCture pOlish brush too. It's thin, but applies so well. No clean up required! :)

Indirect sunlight.

Indoors, natural light.

Direct sunlight. WHAT A BEAUTY ♥♥

What can I say, my introduction to piCture pOlish has blown me away! I love their bottles, flawless application and creative shades. I'll be taking the plunge with this brand, that's for sure!

Thank you to the Girls at piCture pOlish for the opportunity to be a part of Blog Fest 2012. May there be many more to come! <3

Get the InLinkz code if you wish to have this on your post :)

Which polish do you think you'll be needing? ;)

Thanks for reading.
Products provided for consideration.


  1. Nice swatches especially of Demeter

  2. utterly fabulous photos - I can't believe how much they've outdone themselves!!

  3. wow! Both these are awesome!!! Demeter is definitely on my wish list as i love browns and especially if it has holo particles in it *squee*

  4. Definitely need Demeter, it's a stunner. 

  5. Demeter is perfect! <3 Great swatches!

  6. J'aime beaucoup!

    Passe sur mon blog :

  7. Great swatches, Sharon!! They're gorgeous!

  8. Thank you Kristy! I adore Demeter <3

  9. Thanks Debbie, that's sooo true! I've only seen a few shades (need to catch up on blog reading!) but they look absolutely marvellous so far :D

  10. I'm a lover of browns too (though not as apparent as my purple one ;)) so I'm over the moon that this brown is a holographiccccccc <3

  11. Runnnnn to get it! :D

  12. Thansk Sarah! You need Demeter ;)

  13. Aww, thanks Nat! Glad you like them :D

  14. Both shades are gorgeous, I really need to try this brand!

  15. Loving your swatches! Dorothy is stunning and love seeing your Demeter swatches as I also had Demeter as one of mine :) 

  16. I know I need to get more now too ;)

  17. Thank youuuu! :D Demeter is definitely my favourite, the holographic particles make the nail polish soooo much cooler!


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