Monday, October 3, 2011

Skittling the purple

Hi everyone! Boy, Uni life sure is hectic even during a break. I finally completed my second assignment for the break and guess what? I have a third one to do. Yipee! :( My life will be absolutely crazy until November 25th, which is when my last exam for the year is scheduled to be. So until then, what with assignments, prac and exams, I have no idea how often I will be painting my nails, let alone updating this blog.

Whining over, on to the nails :) I went for purple this time but I'm not sure I like what I did.

purple nail art skittle1

I applied two coats of Sportsgirl Baby elephant onto my index and fifth fingers. It is a greyed out purple with a lovely shimmer - beautiful! For my thumb and middle finger, I applied two coats of OPI Parlez-vous OPI?. Decorated my thumb by placing some 3D objects on it and using my Glossyblossom nail art striper in white for the white lines on my middle finger. Zoya Dannii was applied on my fourth finger and also used to dot the flower on my middle finger.

purple nail art skittle2

My friend gave me some of the flat 3D decorations to play with for my birthday. She knows me too well ;)

purple nail art skittle3

What do you think of this mani?

Thanks for looking ^^


  1. I like this manicure! I like the decoration, color combination and the fact that every nail is different! Great manicure! Really inspirational!:)

  2. I love it, the colors are gorgeous together!
    Good luck with your assignment! (:

  3. This is so cute!!
    I really love it!

  4. I love skittles nails :-) SO fun.

  5. So cute and fun! LOVE(:

  6. It's a cute mani :) Perfect for people who love purple <3 Omg, i love the shade of your 4th finger.. i must get my hand on some Zoya polishes now ^^ Good luck with your assignments and exams !

  7. I love the stripes and the colors together!

  8. Hello! 
    I love the mani, it looks so cute *_*
    I loved the mixture of design!Kisses^^


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