Thursday, January 27, 2011

My nail polish stash :)

One of the requests in my giveaway form is to post about my nail polish stash :). I've been on a no buy since the beginning of this year (and it's working! I haven't bought any polishes even though I've been tempted on several occasions :P) so I thought now would be a good time to share my stash.

I keep my polishes in a clear rectangle container which I can shove under my bed and out of the way :P. Currently it holds about 125 bottles of polish; my untrieds are stored in another smaller container next to my bookshelf. All photos are taken indoors under natural light. They are most certainly not all colour accurate - some polishes came out fine in the photos and others were just...woah o__o. So please don't use these as references :).

My Ulta3 polishes. They are by far the cheapest polish brand I've come across in Australia, hence why I have so many of them haha.
stash - ulta3

Sportsgirl nail polish.
stash - sportsgirl

Savvy by DB and Eclipse nail polish. Eclipse is a Korean nail polish brand found in Morning Glory. Ooh, their shops now also stock Tony Moly! I've definitely had to force myself away from the nail polish section since the colours aren't terribly unique. But they're still really pretty!
stash - eclipse & savvy

Other Australian brand polishes -Chi Chi, TBN, Jay Jays, BYS :).
stash - random aussie polishes

And now my China Glaze collection :). The polishes are definitely not colour accurate here, especially the second and third ones from the left on the bottom row.
stash - china glaze

stash - opi

Color Club
stash - color club

stash - zoya

And other miscellaneous U.S polish brands - Orly, Misa, Nubar, Claires, Essie.
stash - random u.s

Maybelline NY Coloramas
stash - maybelline colorama

Miscellaneous brands - Rimmel, Revlon, Maybelline
stash - revlon, rimmel, maybelline

L.A. Color, Sally Hansen and an old red polish from my mum. I'm not quite sure of the brand :P. And whoops, I doubled up on a picture of Claires mood polish.
stash - random

Sinful Colors. Arezia, Alessandro and the Golden Rose were purchased in Hong Kong.
stash - random2

And finally, my untrieds box and where I keep some of my nail art supplies.
stash - untrieds

Whew, that was quite a number of photos to get through, I hope you enjoyed this stash post :P

Thanks for dropping by~


  1. amazing stash! i'm planning to re organize mine asap :)

  2. So many polishes!
    I'm going to buy the same carroussel!!

  3. I love these stash photos! It's somehow my "guilty pleasure" to see collections by others. :D

  4. ooh, nice stash! my polishes are a big mess right now~ haha

  5. Alice @ NailsbyAlice: Hehe, thanks ^^.

    rock-or-not: Ooh, I'd love to see your stash!

  6. Salla: Haha, I love seeing other people's stash photos too!

    Katrina: Lol~^^ I'm a mostly disorganised person, but somehow when it comes to nail polish I'm really organised! o__o

  7. Alice @ NailsbyAlice: Hehe, thanks ^^.

    rock-or-not: Ooh, I'd love to see your stash!

  8. Hi there just found your posting on polishes when i googled 'korean nail polish austalia'. We stock a huge range of Eclipse polishes (using the American raw materials making it a better quality) in our Web Store on We also have lots of other cool products like great stickers, pens, stones, foil kit etc. Feel free to contact me on Thanks - Annika

  9. I like your big box idea with the separators to store your nail polishes.
    makes me want to go out and get one now!

  10. Ooh, thanks haha. Too bad my collection grew and I had to get a new container. It doesn't have separateness though :(


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