Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Dot dot and dot

L.A. Colors is not a readily available polish brand for me in Australia which was why I was so excited when I spotted some of its polishes in a dollar shop a few months ago. One of the bottles I happened to pick up was Jungle Fever, a pretty teal shade. First photo is taken indoors under natural light and the second indoors with flash.
Jungle Fever
Whilst I like the colour I can't say much for the polish. Application was average but it was the staining of my nails which I wasn't too fond of. Good thing Google is our friend and I made use of the toothpaste method to remove most of the stains :).

I also tried some (fail) art before I removed my mani. While I like the design, it didn't translate too well from my head to my nails. I think I'll change it around a bit for future designs, I find the dots add a new dimension to the manicure.

Jungle Fever nail art

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  1. I like the dots! I think they look fine, this colour is kinda like OPI Jade is the new black? I've just spotted it available in The Warehouse in NZ so interested to see your comments on this.

  2. domesticgoddess: Thanks ^^ I own JITNB and can tell you that they aren't similar at all. If you want, I can do a comparison for you :)

  3. I read your blog alot and I love how you do it. That's why I tagged you!
    With love Melanie

  4. Melanie: Thanks so much for the award, I'll get around to it asap!

  5. Melanie: Thanks so much for the award, I'll get around to it asap!


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