Sunday, December 12, 2010

Yodel me on my cell

I bought some polishes from a blogsale in late November and finally received my package a few days ago - I think I'll put off online shopping until Christmas is over, hehe. Anyway, one of the polishes I picked was OPI's Yodel me on my cell from their recent Swiss Collection.
I'm not exactly sure why I picked it up, I'm not a huge fan of blue polishes, but it's not bad :P. Application was good and shown is two coats of YMOMC plus my usual Ulta3 non chip topcoat. It's a nice blue shimmer polish but I don't think it's a *need* polish for me.

Thanks for dropping by~


  1. I like it but I think I have something like it.

  2. TOesthattwinkle: I reckon it's missing the whole 'OMG I WANT!!! factor, hehe. Nice shade, but just not unique enough? ^^;;

  3. I like this and it's on my wish list. But you say it's not that special, huh...

  4. Biba: I think if you're a blue lover then you'd like it. To me it's only an ok polish since I'm not a huge blue fan :P. So go for it if you love blue, it's actually quite a pretty polish.

  5. I like it but I think I have something like it.


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