Blog Sale

(last updated November 23, 2013)

Currently only shipping within Australia, sorry!

I will accept payment through Paypal. Please mark payment as a 'gift' or I will be charged a fee. Once I have received your payment, I will mail out your package.

If you're interested, please email me with BLOG SALE in the subject line. In the body, please include your mailing address and who to address the package to :)


Postage is $7.80 for up to 500 grams.

New polishes added at the bottom! :)

Please search for swatches of nail polish as my photos may not be colour accurate!
Items will be crossed off once payment has been received.

 Flormar #32 (swatched) $1.50
China Glaze Twinkle Lights (worn once) $4
China Glaze Atlantis (worn once) $4
Zoya Dannii (worn once) $8
Zoya Tiffany (worn once) $8
L.A Colors Sparkling Diamonds (worn twice) $1.50

Ulta3 Pot of Gold (brand new) $1.50
Ulta3 Twilight fever (brand new) $1.50
Ulta3 Gold Rush Fever (worn once) $1
Modelista (no name, brand new) $1
Nubar 2010 (brand new) $7

China Glaze Wagon Trail (worn once) $4
China Glaze Let it Snow (worn once) $4
Sally Hansen Nail Prisms Golden Cinnabar (worn once) $3
Golden Rose #28 (brand new) $2
Golden Rose #36 (brand new) $2
Golden Rose #40 (brand new) $2

Bourjois 1890 (swatched) $2
Alanna Renee Lenny (swatched) $6
Ulta3 A Lister (swatched) $1.50
Ulta3 Twinkle toes (brand new) $1.50
Ulta3 Silver Grey (swatched) $1.50
Ulta3 Frog Prince (brand new) $1.50
Bourjois 1995 (swatched) $2

Alessandro #348 (swatched) $3
Cult Nails Let Me Fly (worn once) $8
Cult Nails Spontaneous (worn once) $8
Ozotic #743 (swatched) $11
Alanna Renee It's a Girl! (swatched) $6

Bourjois 1879 (worn once) $1.50
Bourjois 1938 (swatched) $2
Face of Australia Titanium (worn once) $2 
Face of Australia Bronze (worn once) $2
Mode Finders Keepers (worn once) $1.50
Mode Happy Snaps (worn once) $1.50

Orly Sheer Peche (mini, brand new) $2.50
Orly Feel the Vibe set (mini; yellow, pink & orange swatched, blue is brand new) All 4 for $8.50 Packaging not included, to save on shipping.

 China Glaze Bling It On (worn once) $4
China Glaze Razzle Me, Dazzle (swatched) $4
China Glaze Scattered and Tattered (swatched) $4
China Glaze 5 Golden Rings (brand new) $4

 Nail it! Bionic (swatched) $4
Essence Icylicious (swatched) $3
Essence Ben & Cherries (swatched) $3
Australis Blue Tiger (worn twice) $3
Australis Goth Rock (swatched) $4
Australis Rub-a-dub-dub (worn twice) $3

 Orly Stone Cold (worn twice) $6
Orly Pretty Ugly (swatched) $7
Orly Sweet Peacock (worn once) $6
The Face Shop BL801 (worn once) $2
Eclipse Bikini Blue #706 (worn once) $2
Eclipse #527 (worn once) #2

 Ulta3 Disco Fever (swatched) $1.50
Ulta3 Wild Berry (worn once) $1
(Sorry, I doubled up on my photo for Pot of Gold!)
Ulta3 Scarlet (brand new) $1.50
Ulta3 Gossip (swatched) $1.50

Ulta3 Luck of the Irish (swatched) $1.50
Ulta3 Celebutant (swatched) $1.50
Ulta3 Show Stopper (swatched) $1.50
Ulta3 Glamourpuss (swatched) $1.50
Ulta3 Over the Rainbow (swatched) $1.50

Ulta3 deal: All 16 bottles for $20

DIY Nail Polish Rings

a) 10 possible rings (ie. 10 cabochons and 10 ring bases) for $9
b) 10 possible rings (ie. 10 cabochons and 10 ring bases) for $9
c) 9 possible rings (ie. 9 cabochons and 9 ring bases) for $8

I also have an extra 9 ring bases with no accompanying cabochons (I know the photo shows 10 but I miscounted, oops!). All for $4.

- All sales are final - no refunds or exchanges.
- I will ensure at all cost that your package is packed safely. Once the package is out of my hands, I cannot be responsible for any damages.
- I am not responsible for lost packages (I will keep receipts and provide them as proof if needed).


  1. meetjosmith: If your package is under 250g, shipping will cost $12.50. 250g will be approximately 3-4 nail polishes, varying depending on size! Hope that helps :)

  2. How much is the shipping to the US if I only get Gobe Gonzo?

  3. Hey, it costs around $12, from memory, but will have to confirm for you. International shipping is pretty expensive in Australia :(

    The cost is for items up to 250 grams though, so if you buy around 3-4 bottles, it'll even out the cost a bit.

  4. So many lovelies!! I've recently updated my blog sale too)) Fantasy Fire is a big hit!

  5. Hi there, I am interested in purchasing the following if they are still available:
    Claire's Mood polish Calm/Wild
    OPI Superbass Shatter
    OPI Vampsterdam
    Max Factor Fantasy Fire

    I am on the Gold Coast :)

    1. Hello! :) All the polishes except Fantasy Fire are still available. You can shoot me an email via the contact tab at the top if you're still interested!

  6. Replies
    1. Hi Katrine. Yes, I can. Just a caution that shipping fee may be pricey as Australian postage is fairly expensive. You can contact me through the tab at the top to let me know what you're interested in :)


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