Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Swatch & review: Gelicious Little Prince George

Hi ladies. Today I have a new-to-me brand to share with you. Gelicious is an Australian based brand which specialises in hybrid gel products. I received Little Prince George along with the Mani-Pedi UV LED lamp and a top coat (see here)to review and my, what a gorgeous shade this is! It is inspired by the blue polka dot dress Kate Middleton wore when presenting Prince George to the world.

little prince george

I first prepped my nails by washing them with soap and then quickly swiped them with some nail polish remover to ensure my nails were oil free. Gelicious states that base coat is optional, but I am not used to not applying one, so I took my trusty China Glaze Strong Adhesion Base Coat and applied a thin coat.

I applied my first coat of Little Prince George and cured it for 30 seconds. The lamp doesn't have a timer so I used my phone instead. In terms of formula, I found it a little tricky to work with. The glitter tended to drag the polish around, so I had to be careful and dab it back into place. However, the second and third coats presented no issues since the base was thoroughly dry by the time I added the following coats. I finished it all with the gel top coat and then took a non-acetone based nail polish remover to wipe off the sticky residue.

little prince george

All up, the entire process took me 30 minutes. You have to take into account though that I am still new to the gel nail polish experience, so I did fiddle around with it for a bit. Otherwise, I'm sure it would have taken me half the time, with rock hard, dry nails within that short time frame too! You really can't ask for more ;)

Little Prince George currently comes in a package, which includes the shade, a top coat and the mani-pedi lamp. The package is available for $129. Otherwise, if you're just after the gel polish, you can grab it for $29Gelicious offers both domestic and international shipping - you can view details of prices on their Delivery Information page.

Have you tried gel nail polishes before? What was your experience with them?

Thanks for reading as always!
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