Thursday, August 25, 2011

Australis Mint Condition Lip Gloss

Hello gorgeous people :) Imagine my surprise when I received a lovely package a few weeks ago from Australis! Sitting in the box amidst a blanket of Minties (mmm, yummo!) were six of Australis' new Mint Condition Lip Gloss (Geddit? Minties for Mint Condition? :D). I have a small collection of various lip glosses in my room but I honestly haven't worn many for quite some time now. Since receiving the Australis lip glosses though, I've been wearing them more often and am loving it lots! This is my first time swatching lip glosses and I tried my best. Hopefully they're not too messy ><


The lip glosses in order:
Happily Ever Laughter: a very pale pink shade which I'm sure will bring some colour to my lips :)
Meow with your mind: a peachy pink
Freely innocent: a clear lip gloss with gold shimmer in it. Perfect for a more neutral look!
Malice in Wonderpink: I love this one! It's a hot pink and totally what I need to give my lips the lovely colour it needs :)
Un-birthday Suit: it's described as a 'brown latte' by Australis. I'm not too big of a fan of this shade on my lips.
An Evening With: a bright red gloss, one which I'll be sporting for a more dramatic look hehe.


Happily Ever Laughter, Meow with your mind, Freely innocent, Malice in Wonderpink, Un-birthday Suit, An Evening With


A huge plus for these lip glosses is that they have UV protection and are moisturising. Perfect for these cold and dry winter days :) The Mint Condition Lip Glosses retail for $8.95 and can be found in Big W, Kmart, Target and Priceline. Normally I'll use a lip gloss once or twice and then it'll stay at the back of my drawer for ages. Not this time though. I'll definitely be using them veryyyy often :)

What are your thoughts on lip glosses?


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