Saturday, July 23, 2011

Weekly Nail Blog Round Up

Hi everyone~ Sorry for getting this up late - I went to watch the Mary Poppins musical last night and it was amaaaaazing *____* The stage, the was my first musical and I can safely say I'll be watching more!
Sarah stamped this sparkly tiger design

Claire used craft glitter and shellac to make a gorgeous pedicure

Ladyluck swatched a rare polish with cute holographic stars and moons in it

Lena shared BeautyUK Glam nails in Yellow peril

Stacie create an illustration inspired cupcake manicure

Sharon swatched the amazing Glitter Gal black holographic
black holo1

Grace shows us how to do it like a pro!

Jen has had a cute fruit themed week

Emily created a WAH nails inspired look

Chell swatched up Butter London in Victoriana - Yum!

Well, I'm off to go out again. Have a good Saturday! :)


  1. I loved Mary Poppins, despite going to a matinee with all the noisy three year olds! Your first musical.... that means you missed Wicked when it was in town :o
    These roundup posts are awesome, I find out about so many amazing blogs!

  2. I totally did! :( My friends were telling me how good it is and I really regret not going to see it. Hopefully I'll get another chance one day!


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