Saturday, May 14, 2011

When you're in a rush...

**Thank you blogger, for eating this post up :(. At least it wasn't totally deleted though...**

Hey everyone~ Suede/matte polishes are such useful polishes when you're short for time. They dry extremely quickly and are pretty easy to apply.

Below I have two coats of OPI Lincoln park after dark suede and Zoya Harlow.
suede polishes1

Wanting to spice things up, I then added some nail stickers I received from Born Pretty Store.
suede polishes2

I finished the mani with a top coat to protect the stickers. Unfortunately they didn't stay on too well this time. This mani didn't even last a day without some of the stickers falling off.
suede polishes3

What do you think? Do the polishes look better suede/matte or glossy? ^^


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  1. What a cute mani! I love it matte!

  2. Un po' di coloreMay 13, 2011 at 1:47 AM

    I've just buy a Suede (Here today, Aragon tomorrow) and I'm waiting that it arrive! But I love the three finish. The stickers that you apply are a plus! Greate!

  3. Lincoln Park After Dark suede is my go to quickie! try a top coat over your stickers and then matte it with something like essie's matte about you or china glaze's matte top coat. Love this mani :D

  4.  i like the matte look--its different (: aww yeah, stickers always fall off for me too so i've given up on them haha. love your nails btw!

  5.  Oh, you too?  I saw this post a day or so ago and then it vanished... pesky blogger.I love how the suede polishes look, they're so multi-dimensional.

  6. Thank you ^^ Matte does looks better imo too :P 

  7. Haha, agreed! 

  8.  Thank you! :D HTAT is a lovely polish, I'd love to see the suede version!

  9.  Suede polishes are win when I'm in a rush :) Thanks for the suggestion, I'll keep it in mind for future manis!

  10. I'm really not sure why they fell of so quickly this time, they held up much better the first time! :(

  11.  Hehe, thanks ^^ Yeah, not sure what happened with blogger :( At least the post wasn't totally deleted, only moved to draft, phew!


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