Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Metallic purple

Hi everyone~ Yeah, that's a pretty boring title, but I didn't know what else to name this post :P. Apologies for the lack of posts. Prac has been taking up so much of my time and I come home dead tired every day. I can not wait for weekend to arrive!

This is two coats of L.A. Color Metallic purple which I picked up from a dollar shop last year. I was really into foil finishes back then, which is why I bought it, but I'm not such a huge fan any more. The polish is still nice though, and I love how it looks extremely foily :). It's not really a purple, more like a light mauve shade. I like it all the same though.
metallic purple1

Macro shows how foily the polish is.
metallic purple2



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