Sunday, March 13, 2011


Hello~ :) I was really excited with the recent Anchors Away collection by China Glaze and one of the polishes I most looked forward to getting was Ahoy! This polish is a dark raspberry shade with a gorgeous glass flecked shimmer. Unfortunately, my camera totally spazzed with this shade and no matter how many times I tried to photograph my nails, the polish just didn't turn out colour accurate.

I had to tweak this in Photoshop and even after that, it's still not 100% accurate. The polish is a darker shade of raspberry and less pink - it looked almost red on me actually. This was two coats of Ahoy!, the photo taken under the sun.

Do I like this polish? Definitely yes! It's now become one of my favourite red family coloured polishes :D



  1. That color with the shimmer is gorrrrgeous! :D

  2. Tiff: :D Glass flecked shimmers are so beautiful <3

  3. Tiff: :D Glass flecked shimmers are so beautiful <3


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