Sunday, June 9, 2013

Purple gradient and dried flower accent

Hi ladies! Here is a quick post of some purple gradient nails I did awhile back - I'm so backlogged that I really should be blogging more often to catch up. I've actually hit some sort of inspiration lately and I'm doing some freehand nail art! I know, it's so rare nowadays haha.

Anyways, back to the gradient. I applied two coats of OPI Parlez-vous OPI? and then took China Glaze Light as air for the gradient. On my accent nail, I added a dried flower from Born Pretty Store. I finished the look off with a coat of LA Colors Starlight.

purple gradient with dried flower

I haven't been doing gradient nails in awhile so my application was a little rough. Practice makes perfect though, eh? ;)

Can you believe I still have some nails I did from last year to share?! I think I'll put that in a spam post or something, otherwise they'll never make it onto here. Any blogger ladies who keep putting off posting some old manis? ;)

Thank you for reading!


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