Sunday, June 2, 2013

OMG Nail Strips

Hello ladies :) I'll be featuring a new to me nail art technique in the post today - nail wraps. Whilst I have seen many gorgeous photos featuring various nail designs on nail strips, I have never taken the plunge to try them out, mostly because of the hassle I thought would be involved. After having the opportunity to try out a one from OMG Nail Strips, I think I'll have to re-evaluate the thought. Yes, it does take a little bit longer to apply nail wraps than just painting on nail polish, but the end result pretty much makes up for it...check it out :)

liquid sand camo print

I decided to go with a pink camouflage nail strip design and paired it up with OPI Jinx (swatches and review coming up soon for this!) for a double accent manicure. The strips come in 7 different sizes for each hand and are really easy to apply. Simply peel off the transparent protective covering from the top of the design and then remove the backing before placing on to the nail. As someone with curved nails, I actually didn't find the application too difficult. There was minor wrinkling where the strip didn't lie completely flat but it was fixed with a thick coat of top coat.

I did find the strip to be quite sticky though, and it was hard to remove off the nail and reposition, so make sure you've measured it all up before taking off the backing. Removal was easy peasy - just soak your cotton ball in nail polish remover and hold over the nail for a few seconds before sliding it off.

liquid sand camo print

liquid sand camo print

OMG Nail Strips retail for $6.89USD. There are a number of designs to pick and choose from on the website.

Have you tried nail wraps before? What was your experience like with them?

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