Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A stamped multichrome

Hello hello~ A short post today because I'm super tired. It was a late night last night - I stayed behind and played boardgames after the fireworks :D And now the hot Australian weather has rudely woken me up so I'm going to play catch up with some of my posts. I think you'll be seeing the last of my 2012 nail looks over the next few days :)

I layered two coats of Ozotic Sugar 902 over a black base and stamped with black and fauxnad m78.

ozotic 902 stamped1

ozotic 902 stamped2

ozotic 902 stamped3

Not my best stamping as I did it under terrible lighting conditions late at night and didn't notice the bad transfers until the next morning. Oops! When do you normally paint your nails?

Thanks for reading!

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