Friday, October 12, 2012

Elegant, blue and 3D nails

Hi everyone! Awhile back my friend had a birthday party with the theme being elegant...that's right up my alley. I adore elegant styles and of course, my nails were totally done to fit the theme :P Here's what I came up with!

I started with two coats of Australis Sky blue. I then did a reverse glitter gradient using LA Colors Sparkling diamonds before placing some rhinestones and pearls randomly onto the nails. I finished it off by sealing my manicure in with a top coat.

blue and elegant1

blue and elegant2

blue and elegant3

I loved it while it lasted. Having not had a 3D manicure in awhile, I kept running my fingers over my nails and finding the feeling strange haha :P Despite this, none of the jewels came off and I had to scrub hard when it came to removal time.

What do you think, are you a fan of this manicure style?

Thanks for reading.


  1. Wow! So beautiful (:

  2. wonderful dear!!

  3. Thanks Katrine! ^^

  4. your nails are so pretty! i'm totally jealous!

  5. This is a gorgeous look I'd wear for winter -- so pretty!!

  6. so beautiful! i love the combination <3

  7. Aww, thanks for the lovely comment ^^


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