Monday, October 29, 2012

Blue and sparkly

Hi everyone~ Yes, this is still a part of the blue/green trend I was going through awhile back :P I swear this is amongst the last before I managed to tear myself away from the shades!

Pinky & index: two coats of Australis Flip flops
Ring: two coats of Australis Blackmail layered with China Glaze Gleam me up
Middle: two coats of China Glaze First mate layered with OPI Last Friday night and Black shatter
Thumb: two coats of First mate layered with LFN

sparkly blue1

sparkly blue2

sparkly blue3

sparkly blue4

Mmm, sick of the skittling yet as well? ;) Don't worry, I have something a little different in my next few posts!

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Thanks for reading.


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