Saturday, June 25, 2011

Glam Slam! England press release

Hey~^^ One of the nail polish collections which has caught my eyes recently is OPI's collaboration with Serena Williams and producing the Glam Slam! England collection and today I have the Aussie press release info of it!
Get “Unbeatable” Wimbledon Sparkle!
Serena Williams’ Glam Slam! England

The style-savvy athlete and talented manicurist announces yet another collaboration with OPI offering 2 bold metallic shades and a sparkling glitter overlay; colours shades fit for royalty.”

The third installment to William’s collection of lacquers in collaboration with OPI, celebrates the world’s oldest, most prestigious tennis tournament at Wimbledon; Glam Slam! England features two duo-packs filled with sparkle.

Williams states, "Whether I'm on or off the court, style is important. In addition to watching the runways for the latest trends, I think it's important to add my own unique elements and I love experimenting with different glitter shades.”

England’s premier tennis tournament warrants colours with extra glitz and glamour. The next big trend in nails is making lacquer look 3-dimensional by adding different micas and glitters, turning fingertips into jewellery. 
The first lacquer set in the Glam Slam! England includes Your Royal Shine-ness, a metallic silver shade, paired with Servin’ Up Sparkle, a shimmer-packed silver glitter.

The second lacquer set also features Servin’ Up Sparkle, along with Grape…Set…Match, a metallic purple.

The new Glam Slam! England lacquers can be worn alone for a bright pop of color, or layered with Servin’ Up Sparkle to create a textured effect.
Glam Slam! England is available in leading salons and David Jones stores nationally July 11th, $19.95 RRP. For your nearest OPI stockists contact 1800 358 999 or visit
Ahhhh, I'm loving the look of Grape...Set...Match! (although it's a huge pain to type! :P). What a gorgeous looking purple polish! Servin' Up Sparkle looks like a silver version of Teenage dream and Last friday night, which are of course LOVE ♥ Now the decision is: to get my hands on this or save up money? Ahh, dilemma :P



  1. I didn't think I need all of these.. but now that I've seen them a million times they're starting to get to me.... I will for sure be getting the purple set! 

  2. LOL who will OPI collaborate with next!?!? I do love the look of Grape ... Set.. Match tho!

  3. Lol, I didn't either :P After seeing all the swatches of Grape...Set...Match though, I know I *need* it :D

  4. Yep, my favourite one too! Haha, OPI does seem to be collaborating with many people lately.


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