Sunday, May 12, 2013

Swatches and review: Picture Polish Kryptonite

Hi ladies! Today I have an amazing nail polish to show you all! Ever since I first laid eyes on Picture Polish Kryptonite, it made its way to the top of my lemming list. Awhile back, I was fortunate enough to receive this pretty in the mail and I honestly haven't looked back since. There is no other green holographic nail polish which has looked this good ♥

I applied two flawless coats of Kryptonite onto my nails. This beautiful green, jelly and holgraphic nail polish was an absolute pleasure to apply. See that shine in the photos? That's not because of a top coat. Nope. It's the gorgeous polish in all its glory, on its own.


And if you think it looks awesome under natural lighting, just wait until you see it shine in the sun... ;)♥


Sunlight photos!



This is my favourite photo showcasing Kryptonite ♥ The rainbow of sparkles just doesn't ever cease to keep me entranced.


Picture Polish Kryptonite can be purchased directly from Picture Polish and retails for $12. If you live outside of Australia, you may find resellers located in your country on the Network page.

Do you own Kryptonite? If not, do you reckon you need it now?! ;)

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Product provided for consideration.

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  1. Cathy @ More Nail PolishMay 13, 2013 at 6:26 PM

    Your photos looks gorgeous, so glad you were able to finally get a bottle.


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