Monday, May 19, 2014

OPI Thanks a Windmillion with Savvy by DB Razzle & Dazzle

Hi ladies. I apologise for disappearing a bit - I recently came back from an overseas trip and with my scheduled posts all up, my nails a wreck and trying to recover for the trip (oh hello there, work!), I had hardly any time for blogging. Thank goodness things have settled down now and I'm ready to dive back into it all ;)

For my trip, I decided to go with a simple layering using OPI Thanks a windmillion layered with Savvy by DB Razzle & dazzle.

thanks a windmillion razzle & dazzle2

thanks a windmillion razzle & dazzle2

What do you normally wear when you go on a holiday?

Thanks for sticking by during this time!


  1. Thanks a windmillion is gorgeous! Love this pairing :)

  2. I usually wear a glitter polish over a foil for a warm weather vacation because it wears like iron, haha. I'm thinking of trying a set of the real nail polish strips next time. No muss, no fuss.

  3. That is a great combination! I love the pink and the muted green together. I usually just take a couple of polishes with me, depending how long the holiday is, and buy more if I didn't bring enough (or I'll just pretend I didn't bring enough and use that as en excuse to buy some anyway.)!


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