Saturday, November 3, 2012

Swatches & review: Ozotic Sugar 902

Hi ladies :) Today I have another gorgeous polish to share with you all. Australian nail polish brand Ozotic recently released a Sugar collection, which consists of four layering polishes with duo/multichrome flecks. I am fortunate to have the opportunity to share 902 and seriously, be ready to wipe the drool off your face! In the photos below, I layered only one (!!) coat of 902 over Australis Blackmail. Just look at the sparkly pay off with one coat!

ozotic 902 1

ozotic 902 2

I tried some underwater shots to bring out the multichrome look. Please note that all the colours may not be visible in normal conditions. But honestly, how cool does it look! :D

ozotic 902 3

ozotic 902 4

The sparkles also come out to play in sunlight :)

ozotic 902 5

After a day, I added a matte topcoat to it. OMG, the shift in colours become even more obvious! I also really like how it gives off the suede finish feel. ♥♥

ozotic 902 6

Have some colour drops as well - glossy and matte. Click to enlarge and ogle :)

ozotic 902 7ozotic 902 8

902, and the rest of the Ozotic Sugar collection is available for purchase from Picture Polish, each bottle retailing for $12. Check out the Network members page to see the closest e-tailer for you :)

I loooove how brilliant 902 looks matte, even more than the awesome glossy look. Which look is your favourite? Don't forget to like Polish Infatuated on facebook too!

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  1. The original looks good, but gosh, the matte top coat makes it look 10x better! :D

  2. :jawdrop: Gorgeous. I immensely like it matteified.

  3. Such a lovely colour! It doesn't look anything special in the bottle but is amazing on the nails

  4. beautiful combo! the matte top coat totally rocks :D

  5. I agree Mandy! Matte looks too awesome :)

  6. It totally does! The colour shift is AMAZING ♥

  7. Thanks Vedrana :) I'm glad you like the matte version too!

  8. Ahhh, bottle pics can be so misleading at times! It really is worth the extra step to try it on the nail :)

  9. Thank you! I was constantly staring at the matte version... ;)


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