Sunday, December 8, 2013

Polish Infatuated featured on Love Nails!

Hi ladies! I am super excited to share with you all an amazing news - Polish Infatuated is featured on Italian nail magazine Love Nails! As a nail blogger, there is no greater reward than for another person to appreciate the time and effort I put into each of my manicures.

This is the November/December issue :)

Love Nails really showed me they truly valued my work not only by giving me the opportunity to share my nail polish passion with their Italian readers, but also through the carefully researched questions asked in the interview. There is no greater appreciation than to know a company has taken the time to read through my archives rather than to simply scan my most current posts.

The questions were presented to me in English and the editors of Love Nails translated my response into Italian. I have included the original English translation of the article.

Dear Sharon, first of all let us welcome you on Love Nails. You told us it all began with a black nail polish? Why this color and what you wanted to do with it?

For a period of time, I was really intrigued with the black nail look – I thought it looked really chic. Plus everywhere I looked, someone seemed to be sporting black nails so naturally, I had to as well ;). Funnily enough, the black nail polish I ended up buying had a golden shimmer in it, but I loved it so much and wore it so often that I only had half a bottle left by the end of my one month holiday!

Your first nail art attempts focused on managing the marble technique. You admitted to be quite messy because it’s not a stranger freindly nail look. What would you suggest to our readers to start with? Which are the easiest colors and textures to handle?

I would definitely recommend going with a simpler nail art technique. Something I find relatively easy to start off with is painting simple flowers – the basic ones are literally just five dots! All you need is a rounded end like the end of a bobby pin. Of course, you can also invest in some dotting tools, they’re very cheap and easy to find on Ebay. In terms of colours and textures, I would recommend going with lighter crème finish shades. They tend to be more forgiving if mistakes are made and can be easily erased.

Your nail blog features nail looks and swatches. Why do you think bloggers mainly concentrate on this two issues and why are they so important?

Nail painting has become more than a hobby of mine – it is also a way for me to relax and unwind after a long day at work and it is something which I find many other bloggers agree with. Sitting down and thinking of a new nail art look to create for my nails takes my mind off other things and it’s so satisfying to see a pretty result when I’m done :).

When I post swatches of nail polishes, I know I am providing someone with an idea of what the nail polish will look like when worn on the nails. Often nail shades do not show their true potential until it is worn and so the swatches can give so much information on whether someone might want to buy the bottle of nail polish or not. I know for myself that I always search online for a swatch before purchasing a new bottle of nail polish.

We noticed you are very into skittle nail art. In Italy it’s a kind of taboo. Why would you recomend it and could you disclose some good tips?

Oh no, that’s so sad to hear! I think skittle nails are so easy to create, especially if you have an eye for matching shades. I’d definitely recommend it because you can put so many different nail art techniques into one manicure. It’s also really fun to create a ‘tied together’ look with different colours and finishes. If it seems like too much though, I think a baby step in that direction would be to start with accent nails, where only one nail (usually the ring finger) is different to the other four. They’re also pretty trendy right now and I’m seeing more and more women sporting this look.

What do you think is the current trend?

With Spring coming up here in Australia, I have found many simple pastel looks being sported. A number of my friends have also started to try on textured nail polishes, enjoy the different finish it dries to on the nail.

Would you suggest to our readers some cool nail salons, web sites or nail blogs you follow?

I am a huge fan of Instagram! Simply search up #nailart and you will be bombarded with a whole heap of creative looks to wear on your nails. It is here where I discover many talented ladies and become inspired with new ideas.

Thank you Love Nails for the opportunity to be featured on your magazine! It has been a great honour to share my passion with a similar audience in Italy.

Thanks for reading as always :)


  1. It's amazing to be featured in a magazine, so congrats! ^^ I love your answers too. :D I did't know skittle nails were a sort of taboo in Italy. :O I wonder what's the reason, haha

  2. I am a fan of this magazine and I have already read this interview on the paper... sincere compliments!

  3. Thanks Laura! I'm thinking it's not as widely accepted to have a less uniform looking manicure. A little sad, seeing as that's what I love about skittles haha! :P Hoping it'll catch on soon with the wider community ;)

  4. Thanks so much, Rebenice! :D I'm hoping Australia will soon catch up and release a nail mag here too ^^

  5. Marisa (Polish Obsession)January 6, 2014 at 12:40 AM

    Congratulations!!! You totally deserve it!


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