Monday, July 1, 2013

Bye bye, Google Reader

Hello ladies. I'm sure you've seen an influx of posts revolving around this topic as it is time to finally bid Google Reader adieu ♥ I previously typed up a post on alternative ways to follow Polish Infatuated but it's a little out of date (it's only been 3 months - how quickly do things change on the internet!) so here's a final post :)

1. Use Bloglovin'. You can easily import your current list from Google Reader onto Bloglovin'.

Follow on Bloglovin

2. Follow via Google Friend Connect (GFC).
3. If you're a fan of receiving email updates, you can also subscribe with your email - this can be found under the GFC widget.

4. Follow my picture ramblings on Instagram.

5. You can  also find me over on Polish Infatuated's Facebook Page :)

6. I also pin over at Pinterest!

7. Of course, you can also find me over at my Flickr account, where you can have a sneak peak of upcoming posts in a photo dump of recently edited photos. They usually won't have a corresponding blog post...yet. That comes after another round of procrastinating ;)

I think that's about it! If you have any questions, please don't hesitate in emailing me :)



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