Friday, May 24, 2013

Off Topic: Thalgo Collagen Cream

Hi ladies! I've got another Off Topic post to share today :) Recently, I have decided to attempt looking after my skin better, especially after a break out of pimples across my forehead. Besides the break out, I discovered some fresh wrinkles around the bottom of my eye area which have refused to disappear. Ever since, I have begun the search for any treatment to help me get rid of them. I mean, they're fresh so they'll be easy to get rid of, right? Cue Thalgo Collagen cream.

The Collagen Cream comes in a beautifully packaged 50ml container - seriously, it's so sleek and pretty. My photo does it no justice. With such a gorgeous packaging, my expectations of its ability to rid me of my wrinkles instantly increased. There's so much effort put into the packaging, the content inside has to be just as good, right?!

Thalgo promises that the cream will help "fine lines fade away day after day from the moment this smoothing and repairing, ultra-hydrating cream is applied".

After trying this cream for 6 weeks with a week of break in between, I was a little disappointed. Did the fine lines disappear from the area under my eye? I believe it has slightly faded, but not to the extent I was hoping for. After 6 weeks of treatment, I was definitely expecting something a little more significant happening.

I mentioned that I took a week of break for this treatment and that was due to the fact that I wast starting to develop a milium above my eye area. When I applied the collagen cream, I went around my entire area because I thought I could not only treat the wrinkling, but also the dryness around my eye. Because of the breakout though, I found that the cream was a little too heavy for my skin's liking. After a week of not using the cream, the milium well...died, in a sense, and went away. After that, I only applied the collagen cream to the area under my eye.

Maybe it was due to the break in applying the cream, but the results weren't as quick as I expected. I am still using it every night in the hopes that one day the damage may be reversed but at the same time, I am once again searching for something that will just work quicker.

The Collagen cream retails for $79 in Australia. Awhile back it was part of a Mother's Day trio pack along with Collagen concentrate and Collagen eye roll. The entire pack retailed for $168 so that's a whopping saving of $109.40 off the $227.40 rrp. If you're lucky, you may still be able to snag a bag in Thalgo stocked spas and salons. You can call (02) 9477 6900 for more information.

What have you tried to get rid of fine wrinkles? Have you had better luck than me?

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